Our Water & the Law

Just the facts....

  • Our water supply division is Maine Public Water Supply ID ME0090300 and serves the towns of Camden, Rockland, Rockport, West Rockport, South Warren, Thomaston, and Owls Head.
  • In 1969, our water district voted to add fluoride to the water. 
  • The issue has not been revisited since. 
  • The fluoridation chemical used is hydrofluorosilic acid. 
  • According to Maine State law, community water fluoridation must be approved or discontinued through a public referendum via a joint election in the towns that make up the water district.
  • In order for an election to be called on the issue, a majority of city council members, in a majority of the towns, must recommend that the question be put to a vote.
  • Otherwise, an election may be called by a petition drive.

Maine law relating to community water fluoridation can be found here:

Camden/Rockland Division-Mirror Lake Facility - 2011 Water Quality Report  


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